5 comments on “Is Yamamoto Sayaka Perfect?

  1. Well, she used to play in a band before joining NMB48, and I know she’s not one of the most poplar members in the 48 family but she is the one who actually knows how to play guitar, I think it would have been awesome if she was given one of the guitars in GIVE ME FIVE.

  2. But she actually is getting really popular…

    All her comments fill up in G+ within minutes.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see her make high senbatsu in this year’s elections.

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  4. I basically agree with your observations on Sayaka, and because so I really believe she deserves to be ranked in the senbatsu group (top 16) in election.
    The release of the preliminary results on May 23 indicates that she has a good chance of breaking into the top 16 this time (less than 100 votes behind the 16th rank at that time), and prompted me to cast a vote for her. If that were to happen, it would be great for both herself and NMB48, the group that she represents.

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