2 comments on “NMB48: All Night Nippon R — Mix together Maachun and Mimicry, what do you get? Milky!

  1. Heyys thank you so much for this!!

    Wowow SAYANEE MULTIPLE INSTRUMENTS!! heckkk girll ❤

    Btw, if you've seen the whole plan of Sayanee's room that she drew out on G+, on one side of the room, there's a piano. Which is why I think she might be trying to learn that too? O.O

    And I think she's serious about the violin coz in G+ too, when she took a photo of one side of her room with all her guitar cases, I swear I saw a violin case too. soo like ermm wow lol.

    Ahh…Ainyan played the piano before! O.O
    Haha Milky wants to play the drums but somehow Ainyan looks more drummer-like but if NMB ever do GM5, I guess Ainyan might get the keyboard since she has at least some experience xD

    • The keyboard looks really easy to play in GM5. I don’t see them doing much besides a couple notes and a couple chords, all with one hand. People keep clamoring for Sakippe on the keyboard but I think that’s a waste when you consider her actual piano skills. =)
      I’m curious to see if they’ll actually do a musical performance themselves. It looks like AKB’s team B is gearing up for it as the members have said their practicing and we’ve seen a Nacchi guitar, I wonder if it’ll extend to Team N or if it was just one of Aki-P’s wild ideas.

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