4 comments on “A scandal threatening to implode NMB48?

    • I’m hoping that too.

      I can argue about societal programming and sexual discrimination all day, but in the end, I just want my source of Japanese learning and of entertainment to keep existing.

  1. I wonder if 2ch took screencaps of this Kaito guy’s blog, assuming he’s already deleted whatever shit he wrote there. And how credible is it anyway, unless there’s pics of him with the girl, anyone could write things on their blogs about dating idols.

    I don’t follow NMB all that much, but I do love watching their stage DVD over and over again because I think they’re really good. I hope it will turn out alright.

    • They don’t need to take screencaps. It’s still there. If you’re interested in viewing the thread:

      With management issuing a apology, if it turns out that it’s fake, that’s a death knell for NMB as trust in the company will be shattered. And that’ll make me sad because like you said, I think they’re really good and it sucks that we’re not focusing on their performance anymore but on these unrelated distracting issues.

      I followed the LA Lakers in their tumultuous 2003 season and postseason. You’d think I’d be used to this by now…

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