2 comments on “Crying over spilled Milky, plus her translated blog

  1. “I think it’s pretty stupid. I can be positive and think ‘Oh, well, she’ll hyperbolic time chamber over there, then return to NMB with power levels over 9000.’”

    I agree with you, but I guess it can be a jumping off point both for the girls and groups. Let’s wish them best of our luck.
    There’s one thing I disagree with you though; I think AKB’s a group solely based on its narrative and I don’t think improving their performance would really change anything (although, yes, worsening it would have quite a big impact on it), so all the surprises thing actually keeps the non-fans interested (for the lack of a better term) IMO. Am I pleased with it? Of course not, but I see why AkiP continue to come up with rather bizarre plans.

    • I don’t think the non-fans really care… it’s something only for the fans. A lot of Japanese people don’t even know NMB48 exists. Sometimes Japanese people would ask me who my AKB oshimen is and if I joke around and say something like “Satou Amina” they’re like “Who? I only know [Kami 7]”

      I think a big part of the narrative is watching them develop and get skills. I’m becoming a bigger and bigger Itano fan because she sings live even though she knows she’s not that good; but every time she steps up and performs it seems like she’s taking huge leaps forward, and that’s what I like seeing in most of the group.

      Milky moving to Team B is advertised as “learning from them and bringing it back to NMB” but I’d rather see her learn from other pros instead of people still in training and not quite there yet.

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