11 comments on “NMB48 Complete Book: Fukumoto Aina

    • np. it helps me practice japanese.

      actually, i slotted ainyan in the “girl who isn’t really special” spot because i didn’t know if she had any talents or what not, so it was interesting to read her backstory.

        • I was writing up profiles for Team N, and when I got to Ainyan, except for being good at sports and her catchphrase, I couldn’t find anything that really stands out with her character.
          On the other hand, she’s still charismatic, so more power to her, I guess. In an entertainment world where everybody’s gimmicky, I suppose Ainyan stands out for not having a gimmick to fall back on.

          • Well Ainyan’s kinda your conventional hard worker and if there’s anyone she’s kinda similar to in personality, I would say Oshima Yuko.

            Not really in terms of their talents, but both of them have this drive to be the best they can be, and they’re often positive with their bright smiles and attitude. Not to forget, they’re both loud people too. And both quite athletic at well.

            I don’t know if you’ve seen Yuko in her early days, but they did say she was only placed in the center at first in Team K because she was at least experienced. A lot of the staff even thought that Yuko couldn’t go anywhere further since during that time, she’s been in the acting biz for quite awhile but hasn’t really progressed anywhere. So, Yuko had a lot to prove, and well, where she is today speaks for itself.

            Yuko wasn’t that charismatic from the start either. It was something she developed where she slowly learned to take ownership of her role as a member of AKB and Team K.

            And that’s exactly what Ainyan needs to do. And it’s great because even yoshimoto is starting to realise the potential ainyan has…she recently landed a place in a comedy show…and she’s really active in the nmb varieties. Cause they found her being able to grow and bloom in that area.

            It seems all that is paying off too now. Ainyan didn’t actually start as a top member…she was somewhere close to the back in fact, but now as you can see, she is one of NMB’s top girls and that really speaks for itself. I genuinely feel that Ainyan is someone that can really go far.

            • well, look at how much you had to write =)
              i’m thinking of quick descriptions, for example:

              sayanee – all-star performer
              milky – people-person
              nana – older-sister type
              maachun – comedian
              ripopo – reaction queen
              rika – talking expert
              yuppi – mom-type
              jou – adorable kid
              mirurun – younger-sister type
              keiichi – princess
              riichan – idiot

              even oshima yuuko, you have genki old man. lol.

              and when i got to ainyan all i could think was “good at sports” but that’s not much of a personality quirk. which is what makes it amazing that she’s top 5 in NMB because it’s not gimmicky but her being straight up. that’s what i meant by “special.”

  1. Can I request Murakami Ayaka? Nah, j/k.
    I saw an NMB TV show sometime ago, and they had to write (and recite) an essay about a steak, or was it a hamburger. I thought her essay was funny because she called the food “anata-sama”.
    Oh yes, Aina was in it too. I remember her handwriting were quite big.

    • i read her article because you mentioned it and i might actually translate it, it’s pretty interesting. you might appreciate it because she says she was an SKE wota.

      you should watch more of that nmb tv show (naniwa nadeshiko). i think it was by far the best 48 show, if only because peace was great as MC. i also noticed her there too, the essay dedicated to hamburgers was hilarious but i liked her because she acted like a jerk (playfully) to all the other members, it was great.

      • Nice. I’m looking forward to it.
        I couldn’t really find anything about her in the international forums, and I didn’t really want to go out of my way to check on Japanese sites XD

  2. Btw thanks a bunch for the translation!!

    It’s really appreciated!! 8D

    OT, but I remember you writing in another post that Maachun said her own sister looks like Kitagawa Keiko? Btw, where did Maachun say something like that? O.O

    • it was on an episode of docking48, i think.
      i don’t know where else it would be… it’s probably there because that’s why kenkoba keeps joking about wanting to date her, haha.

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