2 comments on “NMB48: 1st Anniversary DVD

  1. キタ━(゚∀゚)━!!
    You know, I too wish the ~48 groups would sing live, but when they do, it’s just…bad.
    Although I do believe the AKB performances at the theatre is live, particularly the unit songs and solos. Yokaze no Shiwaza is almost always live, especially noticeable when RS sings it, because Yukirin is usually absent. But look at what Tomochin did to that song ;A;

    Ah, other than the singles main track and AKB songs here, I have never heard of the other songs. Nandeyanen Idol sounds like it might be fun…and kansai-ish.

    • If it’s bad, maybe they should… you know… get better? Haha.
      For big group songs or even dance intensive songs I don’t mind as much, but for smaller unit songs or songs with solo lines (Uso no Tenbin) I would expect some live voices.

      Haru and Kanakichi were out of breath performing Nandeyanen, Idol and they aren’t even singing, they’re just talking, lol.

      I like Itano because even though she gets flamed for singing live she still gets out there and sings live and really wants to improve.

      The other songs are NMB single B-sides so it’s okay to have not heard of it. Nandeyanen Idol is definitely fun, try and find a live version on YT to listen to. The lyrics are funny because they make fun of themselves. =)

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