10 comments on “Community and Future Plans for this Blog

  1. I forgot how I found your blog. I think it was randomly through BING. Well, actually, not “randomly”, but I was searching about SayaNE. Like you said, you’re turning 28 and same with me (well I’m 1 year younger HAHA) I never really pay any attention to AKB until last year. I think it was when I saw Shinoda Mariko’s pic somewhere and I was like WOW who’s this. Started doing some research and then found out she’s from AKB and my journey of becoming a fan started from there. I don’t why, it’s not like they can really sing nor dance….. but recently my interest of AKB started dying down UNTIL I found out about NMB48 and Sayane like a week ago. Damn, I gotta say…. they can dance. I don’t I mean SKE grls are pretty energetic too, but somehow NMB48 just feels different, especially Sayane.
    Anyways, enough of my blubbering. I just wanna thank you for blogging about NMB48. It’s just freaking awesome. You’ll have my support til Sayane graduate or something HAHA. JK. Thanks mate, really appreciate all these. GANBATTE! If you need any help, please let me know…. although I don’t think I can contribute much. Again, thanks man.


    • thanks!

      i’ve seen some weird search queries to find my site though. like “sayanee boobs” or “nmb48 porn,” lol. let’s hope you’re not either of them =)

      i feel like the nmb48 fans are more interesting than the akb48 fans too, probably because of the the shows they appear on. it’s less “kawaiiiii” and more “LOL”.

      the only help i could really ask for is if you have anything interesting to say, just comment more. i know this layout sucks and you have to scroll to the top to comment, so i’ll try to work on that =(

      • HAHA no I didnt search sayane boobs though I do think she do have a pretty nice body except she’s short, cuz too many 48 girls are skinny as a stick… anyways, yes I do agree their show are more fun to watch, like the old AKBINGO. For sure i’ll try to comment more. Keep up the bombastic work, sir!

        • I have no idea. I don’t know even know what my favorite number is, let alone some random celebrity’s, lol.

  2. I got an increase of traffic on my blog yesterday coming from here, cool!
    That’s true. Blogging about ones interests are fun, but it’s more fun if there’s people to share it with.

    Looking forward to your blog make-over.

    • someone really liked my site yesterday because i got 61 hits in an hour… haha.

      the layout re-do might be a long time coming. i have no idea how to do layouts, either technically (programming-wise) or artistically…

  3. Great post there. I can see myself in many of your statements. Lately I’ve been trying to tone down my craziness with AKB and all their swag. But getting to the point where I feel like every newcomer in the fan base is a lot younger than myself may be an oblivious reason for wanting to tone it down too. So lately I’ve been trying to focus on just NMB (and a bit of HKT) more, and I’ve got to say they’re both pretty damn cool. I’ve followed them since the auditions on Star Hime Sagashitaro, but never thought too much about it. Until I got to go on first NMB event it had always been AKB > SKE > NMB. Like you say, NMB is smaller and thus seem closer. Comparing with AKB zenkoku events, the NMB Oh My God zenkoku event at Yomiuriland was relaxed and cool. At AKB events when I’ve talked to people it’s been like “Oh.. So you like Mayuyu. Ok.” At the NMB event I could discuss the members more, talk about special parts in shows that I liked, and be told things I didn’t know yet about.

    It’s not like I will drop the AKB and SKE fandom – I still love both groups, but I just can’t be bothered that much anymore. Found your blog via your signature at S48 after seeing that epic Maachun avatar in every NMB thread there, haha. I do have a blog myself too (pollinic.com), but it’s not updated very often. At least not as of now. I hope to do something more with it in the future. I am also self-proclamied AKB Locations master. Hope to visit some NMB locations when I hit Namba this year!

    The Learn Japanese with NMB48 idea sounds great. I just passed JLPT N2 myself last year.

    • actually it’s funny, when i went to japan last year i just shut it down. even my japanese friends that i met for the first time were like “you like idols right?” and i’d try to play it off like i didn’t even though they said they were cool with it and wanted me to sing their songs at karaoke.

      anyway that’s cool though. you’re actually in japan. not me. =)

      for me the turning point of NMB was when i saw the sayamilky manzai from naniwa. it was legit funny. and i think the fans are also cool because they’re less of the kawaii kawaii kyun kyun type and they pay attention to the jokes and stuff.

      i usually post in the nmb threads on s48 because i want people to understand why i like them and why they should be liked, but i might lose to those kawaii kyun types.

      congrats on jlpt n2! i did pretty terrible though, i passed by 2 points. i’m prepping for n1 now and these practice articles are just weird… it’s like philosophy and societal criticsm. i finished a basic outline but i’m not really happy with it, i might just post it later and see if anyone pays attention to it.

  4. Same here – the few times I went to karaoke Heavy Rotation was put on before I knew it and everybody said “up on the stage!” Even if I tried to hide my wotaness, it was pointless. I’m actually not in Japan, I just try to go as often as I can.

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