8 comments on “NMB48: No news is good news?

  1. Hahahahaha @ the handshake event comment thoughts. Well, i don’t think there’s anything to be creeped out…. I mean it is what it is. You give them mula, and you get to meet your favorite idol. That’s all. It’s al business. However, I’ve been listening to Radiohead’s “creep” a lot recently. I don’t know why, but the part when he sings ” I don’t belong here” just kept on ringing in my head. Mad? No, but yea, my friends all think I’m mad. A grown up man becoming a fanboy of these young grls. However, you know what, I don’t really care. You only live once, so LIVE FREE AND DIE HARD!

    btw, are you JOOOOOOOOOO on stage48? Have a good one. peace.

    • yea that’s me. no one else is as silly as me.

      btw you quoted sifu lee in your blog? you don’t train with sifu bustillo, do you?

      • No, but I trained @ Guro Dan Inosanto’s academy last year. They have this ” Train with the legends” seminar every year. Freaking awesome. I’ve been doing kickboxing for awhile and now doing Muay Thai. Did BJJ @ Gracie’s 2years ago during the summer. I always wanna try JKD. You train martial arts too? If you do, join the seminar this year!

        • ah, i see. actually i take eskrima/filipino martial arts, mostly because i was sick of all this japanese stuff with akb/nmb and learning the japanese language and i wanted to get to know my own people. since you’re in my area i thought you’d have gone to the same gym as me.

          the jkd class here is pretty cool, sometimes i watch it when i get to the gym early, the wrestling stuff is crazy.

          • Hahaha that’s awesome! For sure you need to go check out Guro Dan Inosanto’s academy if you get a chance. But yea bro, if you’re down to meet up sometimes to get some bombass JP food, talk about life, martial arts, or Sayanee just hit me up. Eddy BOOM.

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