7 comments on “NMB48: Gearing up for the 4th AKB General Election

  1. Great post, bro!
    I actually bought the CD, though I haven’t really listen to Manatsu no Sounds good haha. i saw the pv a lil bit…. was weird and Iono…. i think lost interest in AKB. hahahaha

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  3. Your argument is very valid, IMO. Why are we buying a single for AKB, just to vote for a NMB elected member to be in? I think NMB can stand very well on their own now.

    Sorry to bring this up but, both sisters’ group, NMB & SKE, have matured now to have their own selection.

    • i said it when they announced the milky transfer but yeah, i want to see some rivalry and some blood on the idol room dance floor. respectful competition is what they need, i think. i think people know it’s getting stale and they really need to start competing with each other.

      i almost bought into the akb48 vs nogizaka stuff but there seems to be a clear senpai-kouhai relationship and it just messes everything up.

  4. I mean, if it was the last year’s election, they would push Sayanee or Milky, but with 64 spots available, now all the voters will be inclined to vote for their own oshimen, hoping that they would get into at least SG-C, and that’s where the problem lies for Sakae and Namba fans — like you and I. However, truthfully speaking, my prediction is that Yamamoto will make it into senbatsu.

    How many copies of MSG did you buy? I can’t decide if I want to buy more than 4.

    • I would be really disappointed if Yamamoto S. doesn’t make it into top 16. She’s really talented and one of the best performs, if not THE best performer in all of AKS.

      i only bought 1 copy. i’m one of the most pragmatic people you’ll ever meet and i really can’t justify dropping more than $20 for the same song + 1 extra. i also think it’s ridiculous for me to spend that much more when i could just save it up and go to japan and actually meet them instead of holding out for 2 seconds of screentime on a PV. i seen what they did to amina and i don’t think it’s worth it for anyone, haha.

      • “i seen what they did to amina” LOLLLLLLLLLLL I mean, yeah, a lot of people asked me if I got shot in the head. I just told them I was rich enough to afford it (trust me, I’m not).

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