3 comments on “NMB48: Docking48 05/01/2012 – Why are men such wimps?

  1. HAHA, saw this yesterday.
    Yea, it’s pretty crazy how that one dude took that one hostess to hokaido to eat sushi.

    I’m sure you know we have like 3 hostess bars in torrance. Me and my friends went to one of them, Regina, because we were playing card games at tea station and the loser had to go in and ask for a “To go” menu.
    However we all went in together cuz we were just curious what inside looks like.
    We went in and the waiter was like “yes?” and my friend asked him, ” umm, do you guys have a to go menu?” I was bout to crack up but held it in. Then the waiter was like ” O no no no, this is not a restaurant. It’s a hostess bar.” So we asked bout the price and stuff. 70 bux to sit.
    I wonder if i could just get sparkling water.

    What I hate the most are the male hosts in Tokyo. Freaking see them w/ pointy dress shoes and gay-ass hair style everywhere in Kabukicho.

    But I guess at the end, they’re just trying to make a living. hustling hard.

    • i know we have club zero, cha cha, and asa (next to asa ramen). didn’t know regina was one too. i do remember laughing at the sign for munchicup because they use comic sans font, lol. i think it’s a vietnamese place now or something.

      the male hosts only bother me because they all look the same! like where’s the originality? it’s all silver jewelry and dyed hair and everything.

      anyway, also glad to hear that you enjoyed doya doya. was it empty? i remember during their soft opening it was quite full but when i went last time i was like the only one there.

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