7 comments on “NMB48: Quick review of some Election Videos

  1. Yeah, this year’s election videos seemed kinda lackluster. Wish some of the girls wouldn’t take them so seriously and just have fun with them.

    Can’t stop watching Ai-nyan’s video. Hadouhou all day.

    And awesome that Nana is getting another person’s vote for the election. =D

    • I hope Nana gets in. It’s gonna be tough, that’s why I’m voting for her. The only other person I would vote for is Yamamoto Sayaka. It’s tough for me to call her Sayanee when I’m 10 years older than her, and there’s also another Yamamoto so now I gotta write her full name.

      I’m sure she has enough fans though. I feel like a vote has a more powerful effect on the lower ranks.

      I wanted to say Fujita Runa’s video was interesting because she eats green peppers and has a funny costume, but I can’t stop thinking about the Kaito scandal and someone asking her on G+ “Did you like the taste of Kaito’s green pepper?”

        • plus, me being an english speaker, ピーマン sounds so much more sexual than “green pepper.” lol

      • “…asking her on G+ ‘Did you like the taste of Kaito’s green pepper?'” Oh Jesus Christ LOLOL I shouldn’t be laughing but that was just too hilarious

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