6 comments on “NMB48: Saigo no Catharsis Lyrics Translation

  1. Yea, it’s not that bad. I mean we get to watch Saya sister beat herself up, which’s pretty cool. hahahaha.

    I think my first AKB48 song was either beginner or heavy rotation…. cant remember which 1 ….

    • Someone on NGG thought it was an attack against K-Pop since they dress like robots and dance like them. An interesting theory…

      Still, I can’t get over the evil janitor.

      The first AKB48 song I liked before Beginner came out was River. Beginner was just the first single that came out after I got into the fandom. I was a much bigger fan of no3b only than AKB at the time.

  2. Haha, I don’t even remember how I became an AKB fan. I think it was either I saw Mariko sama, or Yukirin, or Yuko’s pix and started googling them and found out bout AKB.
    However, I lost interest in AKB…. for some reason. Have a good weekend, mate.

  3. oy bro, went to Mitsuwa today and they have a new place at the food court called “beni tora” japanese chinese style cuisine. got their black tan tan men and giant gyoza. pretty bomb.
    go try it.

    aiite thats all

    have a good one. peace.

    • haha, alright, one of these days.

      usually when i go to mitsuwa i get santouka ramen. i’ve never gotten anything else. i should’ve had curry club when it was still open but i guess coco ichibanya just destroyed it.

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