6 comments on “NMB48: Music Japan appearance 05/13/2012

    • haha, have fun out there!

      every time i go to japan, the following happens:
      -i’m gonna have so much fun! i’m gonna eat everything!
      -oh geez i’m tired.
      -these restaurants are all super far and hard to get to.
      -my japanese sucks so i’m too embarrassed to order anyway. time for konbini food.
      -sure is lonely out here. oh hey i get to meet with a friend! yay!
      -friend has work now. now it’s boring.
      -yay time to go home!

  1. HAHA, really? that’s what happend to you?

    I have some relatives and friends in Tokyo, though I spent most of time alone looking for good food and snapping photos, cuz im a street photographer hahaha
    walked so much that got blisters hahaha
    I went to Kyoto by myself and stayed at a hostel and met some people. it was cool. freaking love kyoto. Haha however, I was hoping I would meet more ppl around the world…. my roommates all ended up to be Americans….. a group of college kids from Rowland Heights…. -_-
    still, it was fun…

    You’ve been to Osaka right? Any osusume? haha ive been taking notes from docking…. freaking all those food they show look so bomb…. man….

    • i went to osaka but i only really had 2 days before i got downed by food poisoning. that trip was in 2009 and my japanese was nowhere near the level it is now. i couldn’t even look up restaurants back then because i couldn’t read anything.

      -checked into j-hoppers hostel in osaka. pretty cool. met a spaniard and a canadian. also an east coast american who wanted me to join his mahjongg league.
      -ate takoyaki and okonomiyaki near umeda.
      -wandered shinsaibashi. ate at coco ichibanya.
      -found some random temple. i think it was tennoji.
      -went to spaworld.
      -got killed by food poisoning the next day. couldn’t eat anything because i had no taste, spent most of time on the toilet.

      the only thing i can say is try horai 551 =)
      also i think world of the 48 mentioned that he was going in june so you can ask him.

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