6 comments on “AKB48: Kyoraku “Scandal”

  1. Well said, sir, well said.

    but yea, the Yakuza series are freaking sick. played up to the 3rd one.
    My G+ account got suspended. Don’t know why and m hella pissed.

    • it looked like shenmue to me which was why i always shyed away from it. either way i need to stop playing so much LoL, haha.

      G+ i’m like 170 off from the top spot and i’m kinda frustrated. i guess i could spam more but i actually like reading people’s posts and making good comments and seeing what other fans instead of blindly spamming, and it’s personally frustrating to +1 people in a language i don’t speak. perhaps i’m too community-minded and nice guy-ish. ah well.

  2. I thought it was 2ch found someone’s blog/twitter post talking about attending the event and how he enjoyed it. So they attacked Mariko’s twitter, and that made her quit twitter for a while. Ah, a bunch of butthurt wotas.

    • Haha, Mariko Sama only quitted twitter for 23 hrs, and BAM she came back.
      Those crazy arse wotas.
      This is what I call “crazy, stupid, love” HAHA

    • ah, was that it?
      these people on 2ch find everything, it’s kinda creepy. these scandals are really something when people put on clandestine 007 behavior to find it. i remember from the fujita runa scandal that people wanted to start stalking her and find her family tree to find out if she really had a cousin named kaito.

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