6 comments on “AKB to XX!: 05/18/2012 — Yay, the return of Haru

  1. Congratz on the waiting list thing.
    I just got my G+ account back today. hahaha… anyway,
    I thought this eps was okay. kinda boring.

    • and you were so excited for the weeks before. you’re probably just mad because you wanted some yamamoto. looks like it’s not going to happen next episode either.

      i keep telling myself when i see some of these girls that they’re gonna be super hot in 5-6 years. it’s too bad i will also be 5-6 years older.

      • Hahaha, indeed, man.
        This whole NMB thing has made me gone mad. HAHA.
        I guess cuz before I was so stressed out from my dental admission test that I needed to shift attention to something else. However, now im done and back in training in Muay Thai, everything is back to normal.

        Try any new places to eat recently?
        My friend’s friend opened up a Hawaiian place on Normandie, near 190th (around the 405 freeways; across from walmart). Not bad. hahaha. If you get a chance, go check it out.

        • haha, not really, didn’t even try the tantanmen yet. i got lazy and just bbqed at home.

          i feel like it’s hard for me to get into AKB/NMB if i don’t keep up with it and since i’ve been playing too much LoL, all that momentum is dying.

          congrats with your test though. you’re going to dentist school?

          • Haha, thanks. Applying for next year. Finishing up my masters this summer and taking a year off. Going to work for a bit and travel. Hopefully can go to Japan end of this year and see Saya-sister perform HAHA

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