12 comments on “AKB48 Sousenkyo Grand Prix — The start of something?

  1. Bro, congratz man! If you ever change your mind, let me know. I’ll take your spot LOL.
    If you see Saya-sister tell her I say hi.

  2. Dude, that is freakin’ amazing congrats.
    And don’t worry about meeting expectations,
    Just go. I won’t tell you to have a great time because I know you will.

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  4. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog looking for information about the various sister groups of AKB.

    I want to extend my congratulations as well as give my perspective on what you’re feeling.

    I understand you’re a carefree person and, after reading some of your content, I don’t agree with some of your opinions. It’s natural so I doubt everyone in the world will agree with me or you. Afterall, it’s just my perspective. For example, I used to share your stance on the no-boyfriend rule a few years ago. That has changed and I hold an alternative perspective on why it matters in Japan now. In addition, I also disagree about some fans being “pathetic” for buying an unusual amount of CDs, with their own hard-earned money, to show support. Interestingly enough, Didn’t Oshima Yuko say it represents how much love they get? The sousenkyo really isn’t such a big deal in reality, but you bet the girls will think so when they’re sitting in their seats. Isn’t it more “pathetic” to work for a slave wage and work an extraordinary amount of hours just to “get by”? How about the idols themselves? How much money does everyone really think they make? Are they pathetic as well? Just wanted to put an alternative perspective on here. (p.s. I’ve only bought 1 CD for the sousenkyo lol.)

    However, I respect how you’re feeling anxious about the expectations of others. It shows your understanding that your good fortune carries weight with you. I respectfully disagree with another poster that you “shouldn’t worry about expectations”. Isn’t that unfair to the other fans? A fitting perspective would be to consider their expectations and be mindful about your good fortune. Aren’t we a community? Just like the AKB sousenkyo, the new center can’t just “not worry about the expectations of the other members and fans”. It’s important and it’s an honor. I just want to articulate your anxiousness. It’s you beginning to understand that you’re going for a cause greater than yourself. You’re going to do this and share this experience to international fans. You. It’s a responsibility and I hope you fulfill it as a great representative of us. It’s your Chance no junban and the “wind” blew in your direction.

    I live in Japan and I’ve been given the pleasure to attend a few AKB events. Heck, I got the lucky draw and received word that I’ve been accepted to see Sashihara’s idol festival. Good things do happen so I hope you can share your fortunate experience so the day of other fans can be a little bit brighter through you.

    • Thanks for leaving a message!

      If you would like, I can elaborate my opinion on some of my more radical views. As strong as my opinions are, I still respect the opinions of others and I don’t care if I’m right or wrong, I just like getting alternate perspectives on issues and exploring them. =)

      I began to think about the reason why I created this blog, and it came to me clearly. I made this blog because if a group like NMB or AKB could make me smile and laugh, I wanted other people to be able to experience it too, even if they don’t understand Japanese. I injected my personality just to show that being a fan is not really cut and dry; people come from all walks of life. With those thoughts in mind, hopefully I’ll be able to convert the trip into something good for all the fans, and restraining some of my more extreme views.

      I also noticed that 3 people were chosen in Japan and 3 people were chosen outside of Japan. I’m curious to meet the other 2 non-Japanese people and see who they are and where they come from. I thought it was pretty sick that I was communicating with Chinese/Korean people in Japanese during the Grand Prix.

      • I enjoy your blog. It totally represents you and I’m grateful to you for taking your time to help others. I don’t take your views as extreme and it is one of many views out here. I respect and consider what you say regardless of how I feel about it. I hope your other readers already understand that we will always rally around our idols in spite of our differing viewpoints (or idol scandals lol). I absolutely feel the same way as you about AKB. That’s why I was looking for more information on NMB since I don’t want to miss a great thing. For example, what if an NMB or SKE fan becomes interested in AKB right after Maeda Atsuko’s graduation? They totally missed a great chapter in AKB history regardless if they would’ve liked her. I think your blog can help me appreciate NMB more than I already do.

        AKB/NMB etc. makes the world a smaller place for many people. It’s amazing how you’re going to have such an experience and you can share it with all of us. Personally, I usually didn’t mention idols at work. I didn’t want my coworkers to develop the wrong impression. I certainly didn’t want my high school students to think that I’m eyeballing them in the same way as my oshimen. When I finally spoke out, I found out how everyone reacted positively about it. In fact, a former teacher at this school turned out to be Kojima Haruna’s father and the other teachers remember the days of him complaining, “Why is she going to Tokyo again? Why?!” around the time of AKB’s creation. I asked what happened to him and they figured he became a vice principal in a different part of Saitama. I’m not sure if I was more shocked about him having worked here or that Kojima Haruna has a teacher for a father. lol

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