9 comments on “NMB48: Let’s go Fishing!

  1. Though I dislike her flirty-ness.
    I think she has the potential to become one of the kami 7 in the future.

    • why would you dislike it?

      i feel like it’s no different than guys admitting which porn stars they like. lolol

        • you’d think if people were attracted to her they’d want her to do AV.

          then again, it reminds me of the paradox of mayuyu saying that she likes 2D guys (anime/manga guys) over 3D guys (real people), but she has so many guy fans. i wonder what they’re waiting on, lol.

  2. I saw a gif of her smiling cheekily that reminds me of my ex D:
    Anyway, Milky is average when it comes to performing but there’s something about her that makes you want to see her as front girl. Not to mention she’s very cute.

    • I think it’s the way she shows emotion during a song. Sure would be nice if she actually sang when she did it.

      I do feel that her cuteness is more of her attitude and character than her looks.

  3. I have to say Milky amuses me to no end. That goes all back to Naniwa Nadeshiko. She got more laughs out of me than the others, even more than Yamamoto and I initially didin’t even realized it. I find her “agressive” ways of getting fans refreshing in an idol scene where everyone tries to be as pure as possible. And between her flirtatious G+ post, her teasing Warukii schtick with Ainyan on Teppen radio and her boke behaviour on Genin she created herself a quite wierd mix of characteristics.

    And the whole “chapu chapu” thing is kinda genius. When it spread on G+ Yamamoto posted an passiv-agressive response to the new trend. She didn’t like it one bit. lol You could say Milky plays with unfair methods in that regard.

    P.S.: Really like your blog, man. You are almost as funny as Milky. Almost ;D

    • saying that i’m almost as funny as milky is equivalent to saying i’m not funny at all. ooooh burn. to me or milky, i’m not sure.

      actually, the warukii thing was genius. i totally forgot about that. i totally forgot about how it originated as a 2ch insulting joke after the scandal and how they made this fake profile where her favorite food was “ikemen.”

      and somehow management turned it around and made it an endearing nickname, a joke, a personality for milky, and a hilarious song. unbelievable.

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