4 comments on “NMB48: Docking48 08/07/2012 – The Game


    mate, that chubby guy was hella freaky, but funny at the same time.
    I just cant believe they have a school for guys to learn bout how to be a better womanizer.

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  3. The staff was trying to get KenKoba to react adversely to some of these techniques. This year on an episode of Ame-Talk there was a theme called ‘Comedians Who Are Adverse to Women’ and Koba was on it, along with Audrey’s Wakabayashi and Ariyoshi. On that episode Koba went ballistic on women and though it got a lot of laughs, people started noticing how Koba had lots of things out for women due to past experiences and decided to play up on it. On other shows too. Ever since then, I’ve started to see Koba do more of these things because he just has so much to say. Tsuchida even mentioned on a different show just how bad Koba was on that episode of Ame-Talk and how regular people must have freaked out.

    But it was incredibly funny, as expected of the Owarai Terrorist.

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