3 comments on “HKT48: The Scandal Aftermath

  1. I just wanted to watch the Sugamoto video again and now its gone, and her whole account with it. 😦
    What’s up with that?

    I really liked that she spoke out about it and made a statement and didn’t let all the pseudo detectives have the field. I was also pleased to know she has a new goal becoming a cook and that she wanted to share this with her fans per twitter. I haven’t checked but I have this hunch that her twitter account is gone now, too.

    Sigh. This fandom depresses me sometimes.

    • Time to use some of that Youtube-Fu!

      I’m reading some of these comments though and certainly it is a bit odd, (Why no regular graduation then?) but… I dunno. I shouldn’t care anymore.

  2. Well said brother. well said.
    Mad props to Sugamoto for standing up for herself.
    Her vid pretty much gave all the haters and doubters out there a big ” F U!”

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