10 comments on “NMB48: NMB Geinin! 8/21/2012 — good moods

    • Yep. I like supporting shows like this. Also, I’m curious as to what the bonus footage is.

      I still have my Naniwa Nadeshiko DVDs. The bonuses were great on the 2nd box set… not so much on the first. I am not a fan of these virtual dates.

      • cool me too.

        HAHAHA. Yea, saw it the virtual dates vids on youtube. freaking hilarious.

        I still need to get Naniwa DVDs ……

  1. Whenever Jo smiles, nobody cares if her jokes fail. Oh hey, they have cameos of the other members every episode, right? Has Miru appeared yet?

    • I think we found the cure for depression, and that is Jou’s smile. I’m kinda scared for her when she gets older and it’s not that cute anymore.

      Miru hasn’t been on yet. The next episode preview has also has no cameo members. Riichan’s been on a lot randomly, though. Strange of them to kick her out of senbatsu on Virginity but then push her on Geinin.

      • When they get older, they start doing gravure so it’s okay for jokes to fail even then.
        Yeah, so I went through Miru’s G+ and I thought, why haven’t I noticed her before. I’m just looking for their recent TV show episodes that has her in it.

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    • It’s not going to be really helpful for several reasons.

      -My Anki deck has everything I put in it, which includes textbook stuff, stuff from news articles, song lyrics, etc. A minority of it is 48-group related.

      -It loses context if you don’t know it. One of my cards is something like また犠牲者が増えましたね。(The victims are going to increase again.) It looks like it could be ripped from a news source, but it’s actually from an AKBingo Shojiki Shogi episode where Mayuyu was trolling Kojiharu and making her call out the other members. At the point it’s as good as any other random deck.

      -Lastly I’ve been slacking majorly and have been barely keeping up with studies. Trying to cram for N1 now so most of the new stuff in it is N1 grammar.

      I recommend you build your own too, since it could vary based on your skill level and what you could potentially understand.

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