6 comments on “NMB48: NMB Geinin! 09/11/2012 — Sayakaw

  1. With three episodes left, I doubt we see Yuppi on the show, which is a shame. Maybe Geinin! could have something like Naniwa Nadeshiko’s final episode and fit more members into the show.

    And I actually like Sayanee’s short hair. I find it really cute.

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  3. I thought the episode was totally sweet because it seems as if they are going to incorporate some real-life things about Gotou and Iwao, as Iwao told the kids to look up Elekigram, Gotou’s first combi before Football Hour. (Sneezing is a sign that people are talking about you in Japan)

    • yeah, i really like those times when you just learn more about comedy. that first tsukkomi battle was really good. felt bad for ainyan because even though she said the right things she lacked the style to make it stick.

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