4 comments on “NMB48: Random news, 10/03/2012

  1. Haha. I didn’t even see the new handshake numbers yet until you posted them. Though, they are a bit hard to see in that resolution, I do appreciate how her fishing is working.

    With that said, I don’t want to see a whole new reshuffling, especially with NMB hopping one good (A very good) leg right with Team N and M in limbo. It’s a combination of the N being too good and M coming up a bit short behind Airi, Kimoshita, Fuu-chan and Haruna. You really can’t blame M when you still have people like Keiichi who is your..7th or 8th most popular member.

    • For the handshake numbers, just click on it since it’s resized for some reason.

      I’ve just been reading AKB48 Matome lately, I guess it’s where I get all my news now, that’s where I got the handshake chart.

      Anyway, I do feel like NMB is in a precarious situation because they pushed Team N a LOT to get on the level of SKE/AKB and they are still trailing them, so deciding to push Team M or B2 would devastate the momentum they have on Team N and it might not work out that way.

      I want to say that it would be nice if they got more work but on the other hand, if I look at my situation, I’m a guy in Los Angeles following a group from Osaka. It’s hard enough for them to get local shows and develop fans locally, let alone nationally and internationally.

      • Yea, and now we have another gal graduating from TEAM M.
        I believe it’s better to organize and set up M & BII properly so the whole NMB can progress to the next level. Right now we can all agree that NMB is disastrously unbalanced. Management should really go take a dump, clear their head and tummy, and re-strategize their plan.

        BTW. KYO HAYASHI-YA’s desserts are so good!

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