6 comments on “NMB48: Matsuda Shiori Announces Graduation / Random News 10/18/2012

  1. I think Shiokichi was guilty by association with the scandal thing, hence why her punishment was less initially than Akarin’s. But as management didn’t see anything in her anyway (dropped from OMG prior to the scandal) it only helped to kick her further down the pecking order, and she basically never recovered.

    • I think she was recovering, actually. I think some of them are settling into these niches where they’re not quite senbatsu status but they’re still in a comfortable place with a decent amount of fans.

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  3. Yea, seriously don’t know what’s going on w/ these young grls in NMB these days.

    I preordered Saya-sister’s PB.

    • i feel like the difference between bottom and top is too much. top has national exposure, bottom can barely get time in the theatre. and it’s probably real depressing when your peers have lines out the door and you only have 10 people to see you. i don’t think it was that pronounced in the early days of akb.

      speaking of preorders i need to get that tokyo dome blu ray. blu ray is awesome.

  4. I don’t like Japanese girl wearing sexy stuff *bikini*…. I just like the way they are. As natural (that is my opinion). I Love NMB… too much. It is not proper for child (people who are like a kid) to see it…. sigh…

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