10 comments on “Merry Kurisumasu~ Random Updates 12/26/2012

  1. hope you had a bombastic xmas bro.
    yea, i don’t know why they havent come out w/ the concert dvds yet. a.holes.

    hahaha, the ponzu + milk combo is just wtf to the fullest. for sure you’re gonna crap out your intestines if you finish 1 cup of it hahaha.

    damn 48plus.net is pretty cool. thanks for sharing.

    • i joined some random nmb48 g+ group and someone was like “who actually tried ponzu+milk”

      i think 10 people were like “yeah i tried it and it was horrible” then 1 guy said “surprisingly i liked it”

  2. I keep saying it, but I still hope for a Naniwa Nadeshiko season 2 eventually. And of course, I’d love to read your blog posts on that if/when that happens.

    Maachun’s gyoza looks pretty damn good. I’d definitely pay the luxury Maachun price of 1100 yen for that.

    • haha. if there was NN2 i’d do it anyway. those are my favorite kinds of variety shows. heck i’m hoping for geinin2. or something along those lines.

  3. I thought that one site that translates matome stuff has rage quit or something.

    I think translating the MC is a good idea (if you can find the MC cuts). The members always have some interesting stories to tell during the intro MC.

    • i dunno what happened. i read about how he was an ass so i stopped following that site. plus i developed the ability to read matome.

      i don’t think there are MC cuts. i’d have to download each VOD and then cut the MC part out. and my ratios on the trackers aren’t that good.

      • Just managed to watch some NMB LOD. I think most of the LODs available on H!O are uploaded on youku, so that could be an option if you don’t want to download it.

  4. If the stories are really worth anything they’ll be posted on twitter or something by avid fans that were there. If it’s like, a really, really funny/good/interesting story. But they’re MC’s are awesome so translations would probably be loved by everyone haha.

    • well, MCs are like… common to Japanese, but for overseas fans it’s gold because we don’t get the same level of exposure or something like that. it’s just too bad i can’t get MC cuts.

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