6 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Extras 01/07/2013

  1. Just seeing Jo makes me miss her in NMB like crazy. Completely loving my Geinin! boxset and the extras so far. I’m hoping with Magical Radio getting a third season now that Geinin! can get a second season as well.

    • I miss Jou but more or less I’m unsatisfied with her graduation reasons.

      The only thing I hate about the boxsets are that it’s still 480i. Like, come on already! Get with the HD times! lol

  2. That pic where Maachun is holding Milky’s hand…She is also holding Sayanee around the waist >.<

    Like, what a player!!!!

    I have the DVDs but no time yet to enjoy them


    Soon my pretty, soon!

  3. Interesting that they shot the whole season so quickly. Must have been the only way they could have combined the schedules of the two together, especially since both Football Hour and NMB are popular/busy. But it looked like they developed some great chemistry on set, and Gotou/Non-chan seems to have enjoyed it.

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