8 comments on “NMB48: BeroBeroTanTan 01/29/2013

    • the only tumblr i read is 48-family

      there is too much pic-spam and weirdness that i can’t handle there, haha.
      one time i noticed someone linked me from tumblr so i went there and i found something like english lesbian fan fiction between akb members. scarred for life, never coming back lol

  1. Hmm team E has a Mayu clone as well, even on one magazine spread she was the “Nagoya’s Mayuyu”, but she looks different now. Mayu clones in every group lol.
    Speaking of fanfics, I once read a fic about AKB cloning and Eguchi Aimi behind the whole thing, it’s pretty weird. And then there was one about Sasshi and Murashige in the army.

    What were you gonna say about Murase Sae? I first noticed her when she subbed for Ripopo for 5th single promotions. It’s nice to know more about team M but I guess my interest is still kinda Murakami Ayaka ( ̄ー ̄)

    • I decided to watch the Renapyon AKB 1/149 clip and in it she says that in the previous games she picked Mayuyu and fully completed her route and got everything for her. Hmm, clone or obsessed fan, I don’t know…

      But she actually does look different from her depending on her hairstyle.

      Murase Sae, during the dance part, was pretty weak… compared to everyone else her effort seemed lackluster, it was less about skill and more about effort. But then again, everyone did the same dance except for the comedians so maybe she was already tired of it.

      Team M is really interesting though… they’re like a bunch of misfits pulled together.

  2. Hi, I’m a big fan of your blog! How kainzero said, there is no picspam or weirdness, with is something hard to find on AKB tumblrs haha

    Do you like HKT48? I think I never heard you talking about them. And I think you should post something about Team BII and NMB 4th gen too. Talking about them, there is a 4th gen member (Akashi Natsuko) that is also brown, I think she is even darker than Aapon haha

    • Thanks for the compliment!

      I’m indifferent to HKT48… at this point in my life feel that I don’t have the time to really follow so many idols and I’ve massively cut back on them. I’ve heard Hyakkaten is better than AKBingo though, which is pretty sad because I can acknowledge the huge drop in quality that AKBingo has had recently.

      I usually just post whenever I feel like I have something to write about, I don’t make it a point to write about certain things. Unfortunately with Team BII and 4th gen I have not seen much about them. I think one of the 4th genners does or did MMA or something fighting-related though, lol.

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