6 comments on “AKB48: Current Thoughts, 02/27/2013

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  2. I’ve actually been feeling like this with AKB for quite awhile and being a Miichan oshi hasn’t made being an AKB fan easy lately. Really though, my AKB fan interest has dropped a lot since I became fan not too lnog ago in 2011.

    Luckily for me, my interest in NMB is still as high as ever. And maybe you should try following Nogizaka46. For me, it’s been much more fun following Nogizaka than AKB lately. Nogidoko just seems like a TV show you would enjoy, in my opinion.

    And yes, Teppen Tottande!

    • the thing is, i don’t want to replace an idol group with an idol group necessarily. the idol group is in competition with all my other hobbies. it’s like, hm, do i watch an akb show, or do i play another game of dota? or maybe i can watch a movie? or read a book? or keep practicing piano?

      i think that’s the thing, it’s not like, “oh, well, i dun like akb, time to move on to nogizaka” or something. though i think shiraishi mai is super hot.

      speaking of which, i really want to see some more akb girls break out, like ricchan, annin, renacchi, tomutomu, etc. but i also feel like their growth is being stunted by the front line of akb.

  3. I agree with you about the awkward new triple center.

    Jurina is SKE. I don’t know why we are trying to make her AKB. If they wanted her to be AKB, they never should have debut her in SKE in the first place. While SKE is dying, Jurina continues to do well in AKB… contributing nothing to the improvement of SKE.
    Not trying to say that it’s HER responsibility to make SKE amazing…but I often feel like she is working harder as an AKB member than SKE.

    Acchan was too natural as a center. She never try too hard to be a “center” of attention. IDK, she was like…just THERE. She doesn’t wink, over pose, over dance, or overly get excited. But, she still perform well. I think that was her charm…just the girl-next-door attitude.

    Mayuyu and Paruru are opposite. They are trying VERY hard to attract attention and become “recognize” by the public. And…just to make it obvious, neither of these girls are “girl-next-door” type.

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