8 comments on “NMB48: Docking 48 Finale

  1. The pants were most likely something Tamuken did to be funny and then Koba/Jinnai just built off his little joke. Jinnai even mentioned how embarrassed he would have been if his balloon didn’t pop because he took his pants off.

    Koba’s attacks on women began on Ame-Talk and it just translated over to other shows. He’s met with Enon a bunch of times on Docking and each time they go at each other. Koba’s just had bad experiences with women and thus just…attack them.

    Awesome finale. Best finale of a variety show I’ve ever seen. Best chemistry to maybe.

    • I don’t think it’s one of those real attacks though. It’s like the kinda stuff you read about in magazines like Cosmopolitan. Still, that sumo match was really awkward.

      Enon looks feisty though. I might like her. lol.

      I think as an NMB show I can’t say I was a big fan of Docking, but when I actually understood the jokes, that trio of comedians was top tier. The balloon stuff had me laughing the entire time, which means something because if you met me in real life you’d realize I hardly laugh at anything. Despite typing “lol” all the time.

  2. I’ve seen that goukon lady on mujack, talking about some boring stuff like relationships. So how much did they have to pay for the balloon challenge then? I’ll probably watch this on a weekend or something, being the finale and all.

    • Haha, relationships are boring. Well, I can kinda agree though…

      I think there was like a total of 12 or 15 balloons or something, distributed among all 3…. so maybe 15×5000? I dunno, that seems like a little too much… wonder if they really paid.

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  4. downloaded, but dont have time to watch it.

    looks epic though.

    hope i get to watch them perform live at budoukan….

  5. Have you seen the NMB48 videos on their official YouTube channel? It’s basically all the members saying a phrase (like “Happy Christmas” or “Teppen Tottande!”) but it’s quite fun haha

    The videos uploaded so far:

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