12 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Season 2 – Episode 1: Magic Immunity

  1. The thing about having idols do comedy is that they are generally good looking and have no noticeable flaws so the best they can manage with Sayanee is her protruding jaw (which isn’t even that prominent, it’s proportional to her face. She has sharp features anyhow). They sure aren’t gonna call her ugly, which is what typically happens to female comedians. (Except Sashihara, Sashihara is the one exception because Ariyoshi, Gekidan and to a certain extent Tsuchida make a living off pushing the envelope).

    I do agree Rikanyan should be on the show, and throw in the ‘Katahaba dekka man’ too.

    It’s much funnier when Gotou messes with her though, he has his patented ‘analogy tsukommi’ so he can assist with that.

    I think Ripopo’s purpose was to make her as similar to the real-life one as possible.

    Fuuchan won the episode though. Great reaction to getting hit as well.

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  3. Weren’t most of them 3rd year students in season 1? Did they have to repeat the year or they just didn’t mention anything about it being a new academic year? Not that it matters anyway, just curious.

    • I’d have to look that up, but it seems like 黒い雪’s explanation is accurate.

      I haven’t been paying much attention to the story though. Just trying to pay attention to jokes, haha.

  4. Iirc, they said Ainyan transferring and Jo continuing her study abroad. And yeah, I think I’m starting tomiss Jo’s kiddy smile and Ainyan’s natural tsukkomi.

    I expected Keicchi to spit her poison but she didn’t D: <= is someone who fell for that side of Keicchi

  5. Can’t ask something, Kainzero-san? Where I can get all the NMB48 Geinin video plus its subtitle? Please, I really really want to watch all of NMB48 member in this show because in this show they are all so funny and brilliant! I’m just the guy who loves comedy after all 🙂 Yoroshiko onegaishimasu! 🙂

    • uhhまじで


      if you have money get it legit on dvd please

      if you don’t, i downloaded all my eps off of the hello-online bit torrent tracker.

      if you want subs you can check sub48: http://forum.sub48.com/index.php

      the guy that runs 48-family.tumblr.com does the translations and he’s pretty reliable

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