7 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Season 2 – Episode 2: SENSEI

  1. Why they don’t let Maachun doing manzai with Nana? Their Manzai on Nicofarre just hilarious. lol

    Btw, your blog about NMB help me a lot to know about them since so hard to know more if you can’t understand Japanese. Also your NMB Geinin review make me understand better about the story because I only understand a little. This show on season 1 make me aware about them and further more, their best quality among 48groups.

    • I dunno why. Nana, for all her failures, seems to be the best tsukkomi in manzai in NMB. Nana+Jou was a classic.

      You should try learning Japanese, haha. I can’t imagine getting into any of these groups without knowing Japanese. The difference is immense…

      • Right now, I’m self studying so I just understand in general not into detail. Make it harder when they talking with Kansai-ben.
        Maybe when I already advanced in Japanese, I will lost interest to idol group or Sayaka already graduate.
        Well, at least I learn new language. lol

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  3. Nana is just a good talker in general. I feel like Maachun sorta shares the same weakness as Sheegs and is just bad at what Gotou would call “conversational catchball” and can’t follow after she says one good line. Nana, even if she gets tongue tied or says stupid things, at least tries to continue.

    • I always that’s what Maachun did on purpose… she just stands there and looks confused as if she did nothing wrong. I’ve seen her do that a lot when she appears on other programs.

      But Nana’s good at it, and Sayaka’s getting better at it too.

  4. Sometimes it’s a boke but other times she just has trouble responding to someone after a tsukommi. Of course, it’s not really necessary all the time since Maachun’s observant about her place on variety shows but it does show some novice-ness to her. It”s probably more of a comfort and experience issue however.

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