6 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Season 2 – Episode 3: Henshin Tigers

  1. Story wise, weird that Iwao more care to Namba J than his own school.
    But for NMB, silly and crazy more important.lol

    Ame ona on action! Ruined their vacation trip.lol

    Well, I’m curious when Nana doing Manzai and with whom since they always said ‘suberu debiru’ to her.
    Maybe Nana will always failed until few last episodes like season1.lol

    Oot, will miss Nana on team N, but good news that I will pay attention more to team M. If this is what management want when they make Nana moved, I’ll say, good move-

    • Didn’t Nana’s suberu cause suberu debiru to come out in Season 1? I thought that’s why they kept referencing it, lol.

      As for Team M, I liked Team M the way it was, but I also like Nana’s determination in bringing up Team M as well.

      • Yup,that reference from S1 although Sayaka also caused another suberu debiru but they only reference to Nana. Lol

        I hope her sacrifice can bring NMB to another level and spread the popularity almost equally to most member.

  2. Aww, I liked Yuipon’s cartwheel. Its not actually a cartwheel, but a gymnastics move that requires some decent flexibility to get the legs to go over in line with the body like that. But yeah, she had a G+ video where she practiced for it. Its harder than it looks I guess. Yui can do the splits so its not surprising the has the flexibility for it.

    The shuttlecocks are also a Yuipon thing. She plays badminton a lot and even her AKB dating sim scene was badminton haha

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