8 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Season 2 – Episode 4: Make me laugh

  1. Wakame and Kombu monomane remind me with Jo again. AKB Documentary also have Jo part still with her adorable eyes smile. >_<
    This episode so funny. Nana "Ooii" to Gotou and Ripopo monomane just win for me.

    I want to ask you sbout their manzai but looks you also don't understand.lol I couldn't catch a single word because to understand what they talking about, I always use dictionary.

    Oot, looking forward Miorin to perform with N although I still did't get it the benefit this transfer for NMB. Hope she also learn Kansai-ben because I think the effective way someone can accept you on their group is understand the language,on this case understand the dialect.

    • Err, Kansai-ben isn’t so foreign (ha! the irony in that) that you can’t communicate unless you know it. Even for me, I don’t specifically study Kansai-ben, but I can reasonably infer what they’re saying if I understand standard and then after a while it just becomes natural to understand, and I’m a mere student of Japanese and not actually Japanese.

      But eh, not really looking forward to Miorin. Just doesn’t generate interest from me.

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  3. AHHH Just when I thought I would have a hell lot of evil Keicchi… *is disappointed* *sighs* *is whacked*

    And ofc they have to pull another Nana-baba joke XD …and that Miruki Kawaii thing *facepalm* *shakes head*

    Anyway, for the manzai, it was… weird. I could comprehend some parts (Keicchi saying she was leader of deliquent? and later she picked on kiddies or something XD;) but it was bizarre overall. My 2 NMB faves talks on different frequency!! XD;

    • Evil Keicchi seems to be at odds with Weirdo Keicchi, lol. I’m not sure which one I like more, but I’m tending towards the latter.

  4. The mochi stuff was a throwback to a owarai combi called Cool Poko who had their 15 minutes of fame with their Mochi gags. Geinin’s just been cramming in all of these references like crazy. (Though, Cool Poko was one of the more recent and mainstream ones).

    • Man, I can’t even keep up with American pop culture and now I gotta keep up with Japanese pop culture to understand this show?

      Oh god.

  5. The show is catered to pretty maniac owarai tastes, as well as general Osaka knowledge. It’s crazy. I can keep up with the comedy stuff, but the general Osaka knowledge is way beyond me since I’ve never lived there haha.

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