10 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Season 2 – Episode 7: Senryuu Hadoken

  1. Glad you’ve been watching Oriental Radio. They’re a great pair and very versatile from free talk to manzai to their very popular Buyuden. I basically attribute all of their success to Acchan’s intelligence. He is crazy smart, which is why his boke, as well as his manzai (since he writes their material, is very easy to connect to.)

    But yeah, the distinction between pros and the girls is crazy.

    • Another reason why I’ve been watching some Oriraji is because my friend looks like Acchan.

      At first when he said that, I thought “WTF? You don’t look like the ace of AKB…” lolol

  2. Geinin is pretty much the only 48Group show I watch now, well along with Saturday Night Child Machine, of course.
    I’m usually okay with Milky failing and being all cute, but this time it’s pretty bad. At least I find Nana’s amusing. I don’t know much about manzai but wouldn’t it have worked better with Yui as tsukkomi instead of Sayaka here?

    • Well, Yui can function well in comedy roles as well as she demonstrated in Bimyo. And honmayan!

      If I do think about it, I’m not sure Yui can tsukkomi well. I think she’d be good at being pissed off but I don’t think that reaction will be funny, lol.

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    • I download all my stuff from the H!O tracker.

      In this case, my hard drive got wiped so I only have the DVDs, lol.

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