5 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Season 2 – Episode 9: Freaky Kinyoubi

  1. Definitely agree about the chemistry Gotou and Nana have together. Their interactions with each other are probably the best parts of each episode.

    Also, Sayanee acting like Milky… too adorable.

    • I dunno why but I’m liking Nana’s variety side more and more. Which is odd because she keeps bombing hard, haha.

  2. I prefer story ver because the awesomness and hope really the continuation. Just one thing that makes me disappointed was Sayaka didn’t shoot that goat and then carrying it in her shoulder when she comeback from hunting at the dawn. It will be perfect!!

    You like the dance ver? Maybe they prepare special performance for Nissan concert just like Nagiichi.lol

    • I didn’t watch the story version yet, though I have it saved on my computer.

      I saw 7 minutes and I was like adfuadsfyuasdioyoiasdvoasdghvoasdghvoass so long, lol.

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