3 comments on “Reflection on the Election. RefElection?

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  2. I kinda feel the same way about the election, although my favourite girl, Shibata Aya’s sudden rise in the prelim did make me want to see the final results.

    Tbh, I think I’m drifting in and out of the 48 fandom, I feel drained even trying to follow SKE sometimes ;_; I’m currently into EXILE’s imouto group, E-girls. Originally for the cute girls but they sing live, have amazing dancers and I like the songs. What more could I want…

    • That reminds me of how I saw AAA’s concert during Youtube’s music week, and every single time their production values just wow me. Their concerts are so unique and musically on point, when a song comes on it’s not like “Oh yay I get to see the same song and dance again,” but they present it in such a unique fashion, whether it’s costume changes, different choreography, transitioning into it or out of it…

      Then I see the AKB concert and it just looks so bland in comparison.

      Watching the Orix footage, I really feel that NMB wants to do that. I wonder if their skill level can match it, however…

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