8 comments on “NMB48: Geinin Season 2 – Episode 11: New blood before the end?

  1. ah, finally have time to sit down and read your blog again.

    cant wait for this week’s eps…. it’s going to be legend…. wait for it



  2. I hope for one more season and then put an end to it. MR3 was terrible compared to the first two seasons, so I’m hoping if we get a third season it’s kept fresh by newer members and or more guests. Though with Yoshimoto already throwing their best onto the table in Sanma, it’s going to be hard to one up that.

    Or a new NN-esque show. Naniwa Nadeshiko sorta overlaps with HKT to Odekake, so I’m sorta just hoping we get something like Ame-Talk/Hakata Hyakkaten in which we get a lot more free talk and stuff.

    • I really don’t care about the plot/story section and I find it to be mildly amusing at best, so I would rather have them build off of the oogiri, free talk, manzai, etc. since I find that a lot more interesting.

      Whether it means Geinin 3 or NN2 or whatever, I just like that flavor of variety a lot more than say, Manabu-kun.

  3. The story parts are bearable, which MR3 was not, which made sticking for the fun parts not worth it. They’re never gonna do straight comedy because they’re not all that good at it, despite what we think, so I think doing games like NN/Ame-Talk style would be the best option. Manabu-Kun I generally enjoy since most variety shows in Japan are like that (Information-based) and the one thing that keeps it from achieving a level that Docking had is Kamaitachi, but different strokes for different folks. I’m interested as to what they’ll do in the future.

    • I don’t want to see them do comedy because I think they’re good at it, but because it’s way more interesting than the story part. Something like AKBingo, you know? But with that Namba flair.

      Either way, I’m hoping something happens after Geinin 2.

  4. They’re definitely gonna have something new, and I do agree, I want something like AKBINGO instead of another Geinin. Geinin was great, but I don’t think having more is the really the best option. But at the same time, anything else would overlap with AKB/SKE and lose that NMB touch, so it’s definitely tough.

    I just want another Docking48 with more games T.T I have this big feeling that the next combi that NMB is gonna get paired up with is Tutorial though. Or the Docking Trio once more.

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  6. your review on geinin2 really fun to read…
    I do agreed with you, BRING BACK YUIHAN TO NMB (sorry for the caps)…still can’t understand why they cut her concurrent position and switched her with lemon…are they still trying to pushed lemon though it was a big failure?if yes,they should push someone else…

    anyway,I’m glad the show has ended…it means I don’t have to see lemon (having her in one episode was enough for me)…and yes,milky had been sucks this season while maachun really improved a lot…

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