15 comments on “NMB48: Translated Article – “Fisher” Milky, NMB’s preeminent professional

  1. She’s still very NMB at heart despite the kennin. I hate seeing some fans accusing that Jurina “betraying” SKE because of some things she said in interviews and making AKB a priority. Atm, I don’t care really if she actually prefers AKB, maybe they’ll transfer her for good.

    Are you taking N1 next month?

    • It’s not so much that I like that she’s NMB at heart, but rather I like seeing her view AKB as a rival to be crushed since that’s how I feel it should be.

      I’m going to apply for N1 in December. I’m way behind on my studies as it is.

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  3. Where can i contact with you 😥 ? Cause im stucking in some japanese sentences .. and google-sama can’t help . Just need to translate the main meaning . Related to this fishing girl y’know .. If you think it’s ok and doesn’t bother you 😀 . And thank you for this article , alot ❤ .

    • I am so confused by what you said.

      If you need something translated, the whole thing, just link it here.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrJrHPcNk4Q 7:20 while Milky was having her lunch .
    塩タンは 私あんまり 焼かない派なんで。

    And this もう完全にプロフェッショナルを意識してBGMも そのまま使ってますので。パロディーの域を\N超えております . [オマージュ]…いい言葉ありがとうございます

    Sorry if that’s too much 😀

    • ハラミと塩タン。
      塩タンは 私あんまり 焼かない派なんで。

      Skirt steak and salted cow tongue.
      When it comes to tongue, I like it cooked rare.

      もう完全にプロフェッショナルを意識してBGMも そのまま使ってますので。パロディーの域を\N超えております . [オマージュ]…いい言葉ありがとうございます

      It came out looking professional, and we could even use the background music. It was much more than a parody of a castle. I am very thankful that it was even called a homage.

        • Can i rely on you sometime 😦 . I promise it wont take you time . And seems like you’re sleeping very late @@

          • What I would prefer is to do complete translations, that way the whole NMB fan community would benefit. Spot translations don’t benefit the community as much.

  5. You did say I can request stuff right?

    Haha my Japanese isn’t quite great yet, otherwise, I’ll do this myself.
    But in conjunction to Ainyan’s official graduation, would you be super super kind and translate these?

    It’s honestly really ALOTTT so I can understand if you don’t want to do it.
    I haven’t tried reading it myself, but I suppose I will try haha.

    But I thought…since you wanted practice? hahaha.

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