5 comments on “NMB48: Midnight Comedy (Riichan + Momoka) and Sekai Gyoten (Milky)

  1. They’re making rounds for promotion for Geinin’s movie but they haven’t blatantly done it as they usually do. Was Ueto Aya promoting something too? I was thinking of watching Milky’s solo appearances but they’re all information based programs (she appeared with Tokoro George or something last night too as well) so they don’t interest me too much but it’s interesting how she was probably attached with Gotou. Milky’s not the most intellectual type so it’s gonna be hard to thrive here.

    Still, appearing in shows like these are still great and I’m surprised since we don’t usually see idols in these sort of programs. It’s another step up from our late night variety shows.

    The Midnight Comedy stuff is great. I always love it since it’s a good mix of the Shinkigeki members and television stars. Nice of Kimoshita and Ricchan to appear there too.

    • Gingerninja is gonna be so mad that you called her Ricchan and not Riichan, lol.

      Ueto Aya is in a new drama called Hanzawa Naoki, but I think that’s it. Seems to be doing pretty well in terms of ratings. I should probably check it out.

      Short of Milky being extremely loud like Nakai, I don’t think she’ll really shine, but it’s good that she’s out there.

  2. I literally retyped Riichan’s name like 5 times in order to get it right, but I guess I still got it wrong. Dammit.

    But as I was saying, getting someone like Ueto Aya to appear on a variety show is quite something. I figured she was there promoting something as well haha.

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