5 comments on “NMB48: Higashi Nihon Tour + Documentary

  1. I think its totally ok to lose interest in a group. I used to be a huge NMB fan myself, but after Jo’s graduation and other group changes happening around that time I just lost interest entirely.
    Coincidentally I happened to fall in love with SKE at the same time, so I’m still in the 48 group loop. But if you decide to leave, I can see why. There have been a lot of changes to the 48 family as a whole and it is pretty exhausting to keep track of it all. Especially with the new draft coming up.

    Watching NMB performances used to impress me, but that was back in the pre-Nagiichi days. It seems that since Summer 2012, the group’s performances have been lacking. Whether they’re lacking passion or energy or both, I can’t say exactly.

    And maybe its just because I’ve been out of the loop, but everything seems waaaay to Sayanee/Milky centric these days. Since Geinin ended, Sayanee seems to becoming more “idolish” as well to me :/

    • I still like their performances to some extent. Lipsyncing will always be a big problem for me, and it hurts because I want to like some of their vocalists but I don’t get that opportunity. I don’t think they have the same tricks that they used to rely on, but I generally like the choreography and Kamonegix is no slouch there.

      To be honest I think NMB is less Sayanee/Milky-centric, but S&M (errr… what a nickname) seems very prominent within AKB and thus it seems like they’re being focused on if you only follow the overall scene. The last few things I saw (this documentary and the last episode of Manabu-kun) seemed to have a lot of ShimaRena.

  2. They’re way less Sayanee/Milky centric than they used to be. Still very N centric plus Yuipon/Fuu/Shimarena at the current moment. M is making tremendous strides and BII is creating something for themselves as well.

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