5 comments on “AKB48: Mechaike Sports Festival Part 2 — Mayuyu is the bomb

    • I’m not sure if that’s a reasonable excuse. Even if you’re feeling sick, the high jump should still be doable. Also, if you don’t feel well when you run, you usually feel nauseous but she just seemed all giddy.

      However, in the end it really doesn’t matter, it’s just entertainment anyway. Just something to notice.

      What does matter is Kobe Bryant’s recovery from tearing that Achilles tendon, lol.

  1. It wasn’t the giant swing as much as the kick. Mayu took it well since it was all preplanned but the internet freaked out and just attacked the program. Obviously Mecha-Ike didn’t care and just gave Mayu and Kato more to do together.

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t watch that program, so I had no idea what happened.

      Does sound like overprotective fans though, lol.

  2. Was watching this on the airplane and LOLed. T
    The lady next to me was like “wtf”.
    Yea, I dont know how Rena can be this weak but still bust her groove on stage.

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