12 comments on “NMB48: Team N, Stage 3 – Koko ni datte, Tenshi wa iru — It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

  1. uuumm actually sayaka was singing and playing live coz there’s something hooked up on her guitar and on the head amp but u just can’t see the wire clearly coz it’s black and those blinking lights on stage then it gets dark! (^_^;) hehehe but if u really have doubts u can watch it again and just focus down on sayaka’s guitar and look at that small amp if u can! hehehe u can watch it here if you’d like http://v.yinyuetai.com/video/815062 and oh i’m no expert but pretty sure she made a tiny bit mistake on one chord near the end of the guitar parts and it wasn’t smooth when she ended it & even before that! lol XD but i’m positive that in no time her solo song will be polished just like her acoustic songs & really hoping she won’t get so nervous when she performs it again! lol hahaha

    • I think there were times when they turned the guitar on, but there were times where she was playing something and no sound would come out of the amp.
      I don’t know why they did that, whether it’s technical difficulties or fear of Sayaka not being practiced enough. She’s obviously moving her hands as if she was playing but no sound is coming out, and she kept adjusting the mic at the beginning of the song which means something wasn’t right to start out with anyway.

      • i kind of noticed that specially the first part when she was strumming it seemed like there was no sound coming out of her guitar! XD but after that it was working already! hahaha dunno why everytime sayaka has a solo perf involving her guitars there’s always some technical problems! orz lol and don’t u think the music just sounds so weird like it just doesnt seem to blend well specially on the intro/verses it just feels flat but thank goodness the chorus picks up the phase of the song i wonder why the maker did that feels like sabotage! (^_^;) lol jk nyahahaha

        • IIRC she didn’t have an earpiece so she had to sing “deaf” as well.

          I don’t think it’s a huge deal, just a shame because I feel like all the parts of the song were there for her to really take the stage on opening night, and it didn’t have the punch that it should have had for what should be an epic song.

          Still, she’s had excellent acoustic live performances before, so I don’t know why this was so off.

          • yup she didn’t have one that’s probably why the intro sounded so flat! 😡 lol and it could be that she’s probably used to it by now coz i remember watching those mad catz live vids before & she & her bandmates didn’t have any of those while playing live at a park & she also perfomed jungle gym w/ out them on AKB’s RH before too! XD & this time she performed it in a live house like place so the sound would just echoed! hehehe btw could an amp like that still gives out a very loud noise even if they were just using a mic for it? (^_^;) and yes u’r right her solo just lacks something and it just feels like it needed a little more push to it! & oh thank u for the replies have a good day! ^_^ hehehe

            • I don’t really understand your question about the amp, but they probably had some sound guy in the back switching it on and off because sometimes it would be on and sometimes it wouldn’t. I’m not very well versed in amps except from an engineering perspective, so I’m not sure if you could hook up a mic to a guitar amplifier.

              Anyway, no thanks needed for the replies, I’m just a regular person so feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

              • sorry about that! (^_^;) i understand and thank you for giving me an answer! ^_^ hehehe again thank u! you’re very nice and i just wanna say i love your blog and i love reading every post u wrote and keep it up if u can but of course whenever u feel like it specially if you’re not busy! hehehe have a good one! o(^_-)O

  2. I think Kono Sekai ga means to show of members ability to singing live cause choreography not really complicated/difficult . If this song goes to lip-sync, I will be disappoint. (Maybe it will be better if this song become Rika solo.lol)

    • Perhaps that might be true, or perhaps those members felt like the song would have a better impact if they sang live since they all seem suitably equipped for it.

      I think lip-sync is okay if you need to preserve your voice for certain times. It’s not good all the time, lol.

      • Then, maybe I will forgive Rika if someday she lip-sync cause she will be join on a musical although looks like not really big role, right? I don’t know what path she choose post-NMB, actress? comedienne? but preserve the voice for that great chance.

        • I was thinking more like how Michael Jackson would sometimes use lip synching when his voice wasn’t really up to snuff on certain days. A day-to-day thing.

          However, he would record all new “live” tracks for his lip synching, so that was cool.

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