7 comments on “NMB48: Spotlight on Random Member #1 – Konomin

    • Yeah probably.

      For Shu’s birthday stage, Anchu made a Dragon Quest reference so that’s already bonus points for me.

    • I’ve actually been watching stages a lot more lately just for the MCs, which really gives personality to some of these girls that don’t get a lot of TV time, so I would definitely expect more of these.

  1. Konominnnnnnnn one of my favourite nmb members! Great job on the post :3

    I sent messages to you stage48 so thought I should comment here too especially when you’re writing about the best team BII! 😀

    • I remember reading reviews of Team N’s stage, and one popular comment was “My favorite members are in Team N, but my favorite team is Team M.”

      I’m starting to think that, except my favorite team is becoming B2.

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