7 comments on “NMB Team BII: Makuhari Aeon Mall Theater Performance 01/04/2014

  1. I was so surprised when I turned the lod on yesterday to watch faint as I promised to watch all of it with my boyfriend but omg faint unit slayed!!!

    I’m so proud of uuka!

    I watched parts of the other units and most of it seemed okay too haru ga kuru made definitely was great!

    And of course BII is the best team

    Actually rinacchi annoys me a bit sometimes because she looks smug when performing to me somehow lol I dunno I still love her though! 😀

    • I think Uuka missed a lyric but definitely, Faint unit soooo good.
      I’ve also been noticing Uuka a lot in NMB TV performances, because somehow she always seems to be in the background at the right time. I think the same thing happened during Kouhaku, she always seemed to be in the background for the dance for the Enka singer.

      I can’t say Rinacchi looks smug because in MCs she seems really shy, so I don’t know. And I thought Yuuri’s head looked really big at first, but then I realized I was just being superficial, lol.

      • I dunno there’s just something about the way she looks when she perfprms that rubs me the wrong I really think she’s adorable in MCs and stuff I don’t know I’m probably just being superficial too. I really like her though so I really dunno what’s wrong with me lol!

        I hppe they start performing woth live singing in the theatre too!

        • Sometimes Renacchi reminds me of Harukyan, then I’m reminded of the time Harukyan was super mean before the first Janken tournament, and it carries over, lol.

  2. They must make schedule for N and M to perform on Makuhari too!! I’m curious too with their abilities in singing voices. M must be busy for their Osaka Tour so let BII perform again and N too. Especially N since their performance so rare on NMB own theater. Only one N performance for this month! Busy days for N members…

    • Well, there are trade offs to performing in Makuhari. For example, they won’t be able to perform in Osaka. There’s also nothing in particular about Makuhari that forces them to use singing voices, as we’ve seen the Rika/Aika unit sing live and I believe Sayaka sings live every time.

      The nice thing about BII being selected to perform at the Aeon Mall was that it’s Anchu’s hometown, so it was cool to see her get shoutouts. Before her intro someone yelled “Okaeri!” so maybe that was taken into consideration when selecting who should perform there.

      • Actually I want to hear Zipper live singing. Keicchi sounds good but not with Akarin and MIlky. lol
        Anyway, I glad you mention a lot about BII. Looks like I missed their awesomeness since I tend to skip and not really pay attention their performance.

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