5 comments on “I hate the NMB shuffle.

    • The management for the Clippers was atrocious. It’s better now, but I still don’t trust Sterling. They would routinely put crappy teams on the court and get people to pay dirt cheap prices to watch them lose against good teams.

  1. Well, I will just wait and see how this shuffle turn out and treasure this little time when I still can see N3 with their original member, Maachun stil around, and so on. The most important to me is they still bring smile and laugh to me in every show, performance and many more. Otona no jikan on Riichan 24hr TV forever put laugh and smile on my face.
    If they sing Boku wa Matteru on SSA for Maachun (and Shimarena?) it definetely will break my heart.

    NMB will never be the same again with this wrong timing shuffle. When, I fail to enjoy NMB, it’s time to quit.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way about the current BII, treasuring the days until they all break up. I think N has like 2 performances in March too.

      I dunno if I wrote it here but Maachun is pretty set on leaving since she believes her opportunities are determined by her alone, so she doesn’t mind moving. Well, she’s always been an odd one…

      • Ah, about Maachun, when I head for the first time it just feels wrong, like something lost in NMB. After I thought again, she better going to Tokyo and Yoshimoto better to get her lot of job there since she will just become theater girl on AKB.
        I hope she will more popular for public audience, like Shiichan.

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