One comment on “NMB48: Hanno no Taiikukai w/ Yamamoto Sayaka – Come on baby and do the twist

  1. Hello there!! Lol I watched that too!! It’s super adorable haha.

    And about Sayanee, I think you feel like she’s hit super celebrity status cause you haven’t actually met her in a handshake event. It’s true, she’s getting overwhelmingly popular and what not. But I’ve had the opportunity to finally meet her again (the first time I met her was in Singapore 2011) at a Kamonegix National HS event recently, and she’s still as genuine and down-to-earth as ever. I posted my report all over the place, so I don’t know if you’ve read it lol.

    And going to the event, I really didn’t have high hopes/expectations at all. If you did read my report, I had 11 tickets altogether. I used 1 for a regular 3-second HS with her and Aika (cause same lane), and the remaining 10 for matomedashi at the end of the day, which gave me 30 seconds. I remember thinking before the 3 secs, it’ll probably just pass as insignificant 3 seconds. I mean I didn’t feel anything then cause it was so brief, and I didn’t do anything too outstanding, so I thought there was no reason for her to pay particular attention to me or remember me.

    But what do you know? When I went for the matome which was like 6 hours later, not only does she recognise my face, she calls me by name too. And in my head I was like wthhhh how many people did you meet today girl?! PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY?! cause earlier on during the 3 secs, I had an old name tag on with my name on it. But after that, when I went to see her during the matome, I didn’t have it anymore cause it dropped off. In my mind I was like…”How did you….?!” I really had no words. If it were me, in 3 seconds, I forget a person’s name lol.

    I mean I guess:
    My clothes were in a way striking cause of the yellow pants haha. But it’s my favourite yellow pants, and it fits really well haha. And this is my common casualwear anyway that I’ll wear anywhere else haha. I did get a shortcut recently cause my hair was growing too long, so maybe it was that plus the yellow pants?? If she still has her mole fetish, I do have a good amount of moles on my face 8D I don’t know?! Or really just her amazing memory haha.

    But yeahh I think there’s a reason why she’s one of the top HS sellers in the 48Family now…This girl is really something O_O

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