2 comments on “On NMB48 being imbalanced

  1. Wow, I forgot about your blog until today… even though I don’t know much about NMB48, I really enjoy reading your opinions. 🙂

    I strongly agree that improving skills and getting work is more important than being popular. In fact, I think that’s really why I love idols… watching them get to do what they love, and becoming better day by day, even at things that they were completely unskilled at from the day they joined, well… I dunno, it’s entertaining and also kinda inspiring to watch. I’ve never been one to care at all about the popularity of a member. Popularity hardly ever lasts forever anyway.

  2. I’m new to this WordPress stuff but your blog is awesome! I love your opinions.

    Yeah, the gap between members in NMB is huge, somehow at this very moment I could feel that more members, namely Fuuko, Miru, Shuu, Yuuri (and Reinyan IMO, what? she’s just 21) are able to ‘catch up’ w/ SayaMilky. Of course one’s between Saya and Milky is huge itself, one being in Senbatsu other in UG. NMB have these young members, talented ones and the ones they need to push or at least keep their eyes on.

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