2 comments on “On not being worthy enough for Sayaka

  1. Even if a popular member like Sayaka has many international fans, don’t you think she’d be happy to recognize that she has even one more? I get on some level that a less recognized member seeing international fans might be a special/unique occurrence, but consider the sheer number of domestic fans any of them have versus fans from far away.

    Every fan matters.

    Whether they’re small children, old people, young people, salarymen, housewives, fans they see all the time, fans that only have one opportunity to show up etc. If you like a member, and can spare the time/expense/opportunity to get to shake their hands and say a few words to them, even if they don’t understand you well, it will absolutely be worth it to do so.

    Think of it this way: This person, you, came all the way from some place far away just to meet them.

    You should see this as the special opportunity that this is.

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